A Medical Research Company engendering
new avenues in medical science.

Welcome to Ataraxia Healthcare

A company that is focused on research based development in the future of patient care, medical resources and healthcare systems and engagement.

Primarily using scientific research methods as an aid to promote improvement in medical delivery and health recovery. 

Our Advantages

Comprehensive Research

A focused approach in extensive and intensive research in the development of scientific evidence for the future of treatment and cure.  

Industry-Wide Collaboration 

Communicating and collaborating with scientists and experts across industry to provide the best possible patient care and delivery.

Medical Advancement

Using fundamental research and findings in the development of treatments and care delivery that benefit patients and society.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach 

Combining research, engineering, technology and science in every aspect of care management and medical science.

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Launching our first venture in 2022.

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Recent News

22 July 2019

Gynecologic Cancer (Part 1)

Most common types of cancer specific to women's health. Their causes, treatments and ongoing research.

29 July 2019

Cardiovascular disease(Part 1)

Describes range of conditions that affect the heart. It is one of the main causes of death and disability in the world.

5 August 2019

Alzheimer's disease

It is a chronic progressive neurological disorder with symptoms that mostly appear during old age (Mid 60's).

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